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How do I measure my rabbit?


For every breed there is an approximate size that usually fits well. However, there can be some differences in size from rabbit to rabbit. Our goal is to fabricate a custom-fitting harness for you.

Therefore, an easy measurement of the rabbit is necessary and explained in the following steps:


First step 


First you need your rabbit and a common tape measure.


Second step 


Sit your rabbit in front of you. Start measuring one finger width behind the front leg and pull the tape measure carefully across the breast of the rabbit.


Third step 


Now measure the distance across the breast again towards one finger width behind the front leg on the other side. It is important that the rabbit sits and doesn't lay on the ground.


Fourth step 


At the end you measure the circumference of the belly. This size adjustable on the harness, which means that an approximate value is fine.

From this measurement you retrieve two values that we need for fabrication: belly circumference (i.e. belly belt) and length across the breast (i.e. breast belt).

The rabbit may now go back into his stable.

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