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Hurdles for rabbit sports and kanin-hop


We handcraft hurdles for rabbit jumping which can be used for training and tournament. Only high quality wood and paint is used. All hurdles are painted using a water resistent paint, allowing for outside use. In our online shop you can find hurdles which are on-stock and can be delivered to you right away.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you wish to have a different colour or wish to have a unique shape. Our motto is: you can jump over everything that can fall.

We currently develop our hurdle product lines. Please visit us again soon to see our new products.

Our products

Currently we offer four product lines.

"Easy-Hop Beginner" are cheap hurdles which are especially made for beginners and for training purpose.

"Easy-Hop Hurdles" are hurdles which all have the same shape and where colour can be chosen. They are made for tournament use, where you need many hurdles of the same type which are solid and which can withstand poor weather.

"Deluxe-Hop" are hurdles which are especially good looking, with complex paint and shapes. They are made for public presentations or tournaments where you may want to have an eye catcher. Start and finish hurdles can be found here, too!

"Weit-Hop" are hurdles made for distance jumps according to (german) rabbit jumping rules.

All hurdles are conform to the german rabbit jumping tournament rules and can be used for all classes (easy to elite). The differences in price are due to more complex material processing or use of more material, but the high quality of fabrication and used material is the same for all hurdles we offer.


Hurdles in the carrying bag. 

All hurdles are delivered in a cutton bag to carry them. This keeps them in good shape and clean for a longer time so that you can enjoy our product. We deliver one bag for each side of the hurdle and a bag for the bars.


Sample picture 

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