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Long-Hop - Long jumps for Kanin-hop tournaments


Our product line "Long-Hop" consists of hurdles optimized for long jumping. They can be used for training and tournament. The bars rise slightly in height from the front to the end, so that the rabbit can estimate the distance of the jump. This allows for optimization of the point where the rabbit starts the jump within the training.

All our hurdles are made of high quality wood and water resistent paint for outside use. They are fully handcrafted in Germany.


Hurdle seen from above. 


Colour: light blue and dark blue

Overall height: 13cm (5.1 inch)
Height of top bar: 10cm (3.9 inch)
Length of bars: 60cm (23.6 inch) - bars made from plastic to make them very light to reduce risk of accidents
Overall lenght: 68cm (26.7 inch)
Maximum length to jump: 54cm (21.3 inch)

Price: 40€

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