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Post holders for homemade rabbit jumping hurdles


If you want to build wood hurdles for rabbit jumping yourself you often encouter the taskto build the post holders.

We offer ready-for-use post holders made of stainless material. The "u" bended post holders can be used with pipes and bars. They are made in the way that the posts can easily fall upon slightest touch, which is important for rabbit jumping.

We sharpen the rear ends of the post holders, therefore you can easily afix them to your homemade hurdles. All you need is to drill appriopriate holes in your hurdle and a slight touch with a hammer makes them sitting tight and solid.


Our post holders are 4cm long and 2,8cm wide.

One post holder costs 1 Euro.




Safe money and buy a package of 14 (for one full hurdle) for a price of 12 Euro!

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