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Leashes for rabbit jumping and leasure



Our new spring colours arrived!


You can now order your individual harness along with a nice coloured leash with a colour of your choice. The leashes are made of broad belt ribbon and a light carabiner along with a seamed loop for holding the leash. The ribbon is light and flexible. Due to its broadness (1.5cm) and no sharp edges cutting into the rabbit is avoided.

Available colours are:

- white
- yellow
- orange
- red
- pink
- light blue
- dark blue
- light green
- green
- dark green
- brown
- black

For ordering the leash along with a harness, we offer the leash at a special price of 3€!

All leashes are made 2m in length. However, on request other length can be produced.

Price for a leash alone is 4€ + shipping.


sun yellow 




spring green 




sky blue 


We also produce leashes with a cosy hand strap. We therefore seam cosy fleece onto the hand strap, this also keeps it staying open which allows for quick usage. Moreover it feels nice and cosy on your hand.

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