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What are Norwegian harnesses?


A Norwegian type harness consits of a breast and a belly belt. They are connected with a 2cm wide ribbon. A metallic ring is attached at the top where the leash is connected. It is attached the way that the leash can be easily and quickly affixed. A buckle at the side is used the close the harness around the rabbit. The belly belt can be aligned to different length with the buckle and several hole rivets.

After years of using different types of harnesses we now only produce, offer and use this particular type of harness. This is due to our opinion that his type of harness is the safest and best for rabbit show jumping (kaninhop). The great advanted of this type is that it cannot slip at the rabbit and that force produced on the leash - which is avoided but happens when doing rabbit sports - is equally distributed to the breast and belly belt. It is of special importance that no force is applied to the spine and neck portion of the rabbit, because this could cause severe injury as those portions of a rabbit are very sensitve. For rabbit sports of all kind (agility, show jumping etc.) we disadvice to use the polyethylene harnesses which are sold in common animal stores, for the mentioned reasons. Apart from that those PE ribbons used in such harnesses are often too small and tend to cut into the rabbit when doing sports.

How are our harnesses made

Our harnesses are all made by hand from high quality textile. They consist of an underlay material which commonly is fleece and a topping textile which commonly is cotton. Of course, all metal parts made from stainless material. For closing the harness we use a hiqh quality buckle with a roll, which makes it easy to be closed and opened.

Have a look at the following pictures which illustrate how our harnesses are made.




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