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Order instructions for our products


We like to stay in touch with our customers, therefore we forgo a classical onlineshop. We invite you to simply browse through our site and order the products by simply sending us an email as explained below. You will get a personalized email from us and we could maybe consult you upon your order to even make you more satisfied with our products.

To order a harness, a leash or a hurdle please follow the instructions below.

Steps to order your harness:


Step   What is to be done   Comment  
1   Choose your desired underlay fleece and textile (write down the number ("Farbnummer") below the picture showing the textile for that)   Which colors do I want? Do I want a necktie attached? What size do I need? 
2   Type an email to the address given below and send it to us.  An example mail content is given below, mainly including color numbers, size, etc. 
3   Order confirmation and invoice  Harnesses must be paid in advance.You will receive payment information along with the order confirmation. 
4   Receive your harness, try it on the rabbit and enjoy!   


Harness sizes:

Please measure your rabbit and send the measured length along with your order if you want to have a custom-fitting harness.

However, you can also have a look in the table below and just send us an indicator for the size to get a harness in a standard size which should fit well for breeds as indicated in the table below.

Please note, that our harnesses can also be used for cats and dogs. Measure your pet like a rabbit and send us your measurement results.


Size   Length of the belly belt and the breast belt   Typical breeds 
S   belly belt 35cm (variable from 32cm to 25cm); breast belt 24cm  e.g. Netherland Dwarf, Rex (Mini)  
S - M   belly belt 43cm (variable from 40cm to 30cm); breast belt 26cm  e.g. Polish rabbit  
M   belly belt 48cm (variable from 45cm to 35cm); breast belt 28cm  e.g. Mini Lop, Rex (Standard) with small breast, smaller Dutch  
M-L   belly belt 53cm (variable from 50cm to 40cm); brest belt 30cm   e.g. Belgian Hare, Argente rabbit, Rex (standard)  
L   belly belt 58cm (variable from 55cm to 45cm); breast belt 32cm   
L - XL   belly belt 62cm (variable from 60cm to 50cm); breast belt 34cm  e.g. English Lop 
XL   belly belt 68cm (variable from 65 cm to 55cm); breast belt 36cm  e.g. German lop, Flemish Giant 
XXL   belly belt 74cm (variable from 70cm to 60cm); breast belt 38cm   


Order form:

send to:


"I would like to order the following harness:

- Color of fleece: ...
- Color of textile: ... name the color numbers and, if more than one shall be used, at which part of the harness you want which
- optional with necktie (name the color number)
- optional if you want a yarn different to the textile color to be used
- size (either selfmeasured or size code)
- comments (feel free to tell us your special wishes and we let you know what is possible before we start fabrication)

Address where to send the order:
Street, Number
ZIP, City

You receive an order confirmation including bank transfer details for payment. We send out the harness after payment is received.

Typical fabrication time is two weeks. Harnesses on stock can be sent right after money is received.

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