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Noobyfit - Individual Rabbit Accessories


Welcome to our rabbit harness page.

We procduce and sell handcrafted high quality rabbit harnesses of the norwegian type. These harnesses are approved for rabbit show jumping and rabbit agility but can also be used to simply walk your rabbit.

It is my goal to produce the perfect harness for you and your rabbit, featuring both, optimal safety for your rabbit and good looking for you. Essentially I use different types of textile for it. The underlay is always fleece to make it soft and avoid sharp edges. Furthermore the fleece gains hold, is gentle and lightweight. Sliping of the harness is avoided by using tightly joined seams.

Usually we have a small amount of rabbit harnesses on stock, which can be found here. Those harnesses can be quickly ordered and shipped for instant use. However, the main service we offer is composing an individual rabbit harness which fully satisfies your needs. To do so you can select the fleece and topping textile from a wide range of available textile. By providing measured sizes of your rabbit, we can fit it perfectly for your rabbit. By this you can get an unique rabbit harness which is as unique as your beloved rabbit. An instruction how to order your indiviual rabbit harness can be found here.

All harnesses are handcrafted in Germany with the highest standards of fabrication using high quality textile and materials.

We are looking forward to hear from you and fabricate an unique harness for your rabbit!

We also offer nice handmade hurdles which satisfy all needs in rabbit jumping.





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Just in time for spring we have our new "Easy-Hop Beginner" hurdles online, so your training season can start now! Those colourful new hurdles will be the highlight in your garden. Have a look at our Easy-Hop Beginner hurdles!



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